Why Us

"Embrace the detours, enjoy the journey and explore the open road."- Anonymous

When you travel with Self-Drive 365, you get to pick from wide array of road-trips within India and around the world, with cherry-picked destinations, experiences, facilities and an assortment of cars and bikes at your disposal. To top it all, our 24x7 support crew will ensure that a vehicle break-down will never throw a spanner in the works of your road-trip. All you need to do is pick a destination and hit the road!

  • 1 Curated road-trips within India and abroad Our team of drivers has reconnoitered the length and breadth of India and countries overseas. As a result, our itineraries will highlight interesting locations, hotels, fuel-stations and eateries enroute along with detours that will surely be worth your while.  
  • 2 Wide Variety of trips Whether you are a culinary buff, an adventure seeker or someone planning a culture trip, our experts have curated trips to cater to your idea of the perfect road trip. Not only can you specify the nature of your trip, the detailed trip plan we provide also allows you to select the highlights you wish to include in your package.  
  • 3 Wide selection of cars and motorcycles A little hatchback is no good on smooth flowing highways, there’s no beating a rugged SUV on winding mountain sections, and sometimes, two wheels are unquestionably better than four. And so, we leave it up to you to select the vehicle that will make your journey memorable.  
  • 4 Convoy car for group trips Convoy car for group trips: If your group is out on a trip, and one of your riders is feeling uncomfortable, or wants to get off the saddle, we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a convoy car with a spare rider who can take over your friend’s bike while he follows you in the car.  
  • 5 Guides for road trips Sometimes, you simply want to leave the thinking to someone else and enjoy the road. Our expert guides are ever-ready with a checklist of itineraries, sightseeings and highlights on each of our routes that you can sample, without the hassle of finding them by yourself.   
  • 6 Vehicle road-side assistance Any vehicle you select will be provided to you in top-notch condition. However, a break-down is always unexpected, and uncalled for. To keep such instances from impeding your trip, we provide road side assistance at all points of your journey.   
  • 7 Medical support enroute Your safety is always top-priority for us. To ensure that you reach your desired destination safe and sound the route-map will contain the complete list of hospitals that can access during the journey.