Anuradha Joshi Medhora


"Take the road, stop where you wish and for as long as you want and soak it all in. That's the joy of a road trip!" Clearly the words of a bona fide road-tripper; that's just one of many shoes our self-drive expert, Anuradha slips into. This businesswoman from Indore befriended the road early in life, driving shotgun with her father - an avid driver himself. Unsurprisingly, she quickly graduated to the driver's seat, and today, even prides herself in fixing her cars by herself when blazing a trail. Mind you, a hockey-stick is an integral part of her tool-kit. Her other prized possession is her father's RE Bullet which she swings a leg over whenever she's not driving or juggling businesses. Speaking of which, she's passionate about bringing khadi back in vogue with her brand 'The Indian Parrot' and reviving delicious Deccan-Indian recipes through 'Charoli', her food company.

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